ok, so life has been a little turbulent around here…
breaking up with Bear, going through a couple jobs, awesome vacation in northern Michigan, and now the flu, plus finding out that Bear already has a new little Bunny…

so i was having dinner with Mom and Sis-in-Law and little Twiggy (and little Eggbert, the latest addition to the family who’s still in the embryo phase)
and we were talking about all this drama, and then Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, Pray, Love” came up.
Mom gave it to me for my birthday but I just started reading it over the weekend. I haven’t finished it yet, but Mom was spot on with this pick.
Gilbert’s tale begins with a spiritual longing brought into sharp focus by depression and despair stemming from marital difficulties which eventually result in divorce. Gilbert is a travel & food writer.
So I was saying to Sis-in-law how much I identified with Gilbert’s approach to relationships, and her spiritual search and then I said “yeah and she gets to work through all this stuff while traveling around being a writer!”
And Sis-in-law says “you could be a travel/food writer!”

which of course i dismissed because there are seriously so many bloggers in the world who want to be food/travel writers…

and then I was telling Sis about the Omnivore’s Hundred and how surprised I was that even though I’ve only left the country once (Scotland last spring) I’d eaten so many things on the list.
And she said “So are you going to try to eat the rest of the list?”

And I thought “Hmmm…”

So here’s the idea, we’ll call it “Eating the Rest of the List”

– I will attempt to eat the remaining items off the list and write about each experience
(bonus points if I travel first and eat the item in it’s native surroundings)
– I will consume as many of these items as possible outside of Chicago
– I will take the best pictures I can of these experiences
– I will try to finish within a year (August 19, 2009)*
– I may or may not post these on this blog… but I will write about all of them

Here are the remaining items in no particular order, with one of their native lands:
1. Nettle tea (UK)
2. Steak tartare (France)
3. Carp (In Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Poland, a shachlo of carp is a traditional part of a Christmas Eve dinner)
4. Epoisses (France)
5. Black truffle (France)
6. Pistachio ice cream (probably upgrade to gelato… Italy)
7. Brawn, or head cheese (UK)
8. Bagna cauda (Italy)
9. Cognac with a fat cigar (France… or Cuba?)
10. Curried goat (Jamaica)
11. Fugu (Japan)
12. Prickly pear (southwestern US/Mexico)
13. Umeboshi (Japan)
14. Poutine (Quebec)
15. Carob chips (unfortunately, only in America)
16. Sweetbreads (France)
17. Currywurst (Germany)
18. Durian (Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia)
19. Louche absinthe (France)
20. Gjetost, or brunost (Norway or Sweden)
21. Baijiu (China)
22. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant (maybe New York City?)
23. Kobe beef (Japan)
24. Horse (still ew… very popular in Tonga, a place I’ve always wanted to visit… China tops the list in production)
25. Criollo chocolate (Central America, the Caribbean islands and the northern tier of South American state)
26. Rose harissa (Tunisia/North Africa)
27. Snake (US/China)

I think a trip to Asia is definitely in order! Maybe during winter break… is it warm there in early december?
Maybe then I’ll hit the UK, France, Italy, and more of Europe next summer…
and i definitely foresee a long weekend in Montreal sometime soon!

Mo, you’d better help me out with some of this!

*I swear it’s a coincidence that this would have been my 4-year anniversary with Bear, but what a nice way to commemorate it!