well i’m back again!

life has changed a bit – i moved to the southside of chicago with my boyfriend/soulmate/life partner/best friend Richie.

We are poor and in love and we cook all our meals at home, so i figured, why not write about it online?

we met on match.com and it was love right away. he winked at me because he liked my screenname, i wrote back because he was always laughing and making funny faces in the pics he posted. turns out we are a perfect match!

now i’ve become domesticated which is great because i have my own kitchen set up the way i want it and the best audience for my food i could ever imagine – a grateful hungry man. (ok i could imagine a slightly better version of Richie, i mean he doesn’t like fish or eggplants or squash so obviously that would have to go… but whatever, fish is expensive and hard to cook anyway)

the kitchen, like the rest of the house, is not really finished, but we are trying to keep the retro feel of the house intact (it was built in the 50s)

i’m a competent cook. i can read a recipe and make it work, and from years of watching food network and PBS, i’m pretty good at improvising when necessary.

Mostly though, i use recipes and i love them. i get them from the internet and cookbooks and from pages i rip out of magazines, i even like the ones that are included on the packaging of different products!