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so valentine’s day just passed us by and i made these cookies.
i like cookie recipes that are BIG and only make 8-12 cookies because they get eaten quickly and even if they aren’t great, it doesn’t feel like giant piles of cookies that no one wants to eat are haunting your kitchen.

these were good cookies but they are similar to some of the cookie recipes i’ve tried from my mom’s old betty crocker cookbook in that they really aren’t what i’d call proper cookies. They are really just flat cakes – and actually remind me of flattened muffin tops.

Which is not to say that they aren’t delicious! but they are a little strange…

I also found that the “vanilla icing” recipe is really just a thin super-sugary glaze and it did not have that thick opaque appearance like the magazine’s photos.

I added valentine’s sprinkles to my cookies, partly because my bf’s mom (MJ) had given me a box of them and some festive vday spatulas and kitchen towels a few weeks prior (she’s awesome btw), and partly because i didn’t really like the consistency and appearance of either frostings

p.s. i do love the title – Red Velvet Underground! Reminds me of when we saw Lou Reed at Lollapalooza ’09 🙂

p.p.s. oh yeah and i got a bunny rabbit from my adorable bf. he’s a lionhead rabbit (he has a mane around his face and ears) so we named him Aslan. The stuffed gorilla doesn’t have a name but he is special because my bf Richie and I have an inside joke thing about how he’s like a big (sexy) gorilla. nuff said.