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TMI Thursday

so LiLu over at livitluvit.com does this awesome TMI Thursdays thing in which bloggers are encouraged to share embarrassing and inappropriate stories.

This post has been waiting for the right moment!

I was excited to make this chocolate chip coffee cake, the batter was a little labor intensive, but i was going to use my 20 inch springform pan which is always exciting.
So I followed the recipe and made this light foamy batter. I poured it into my springform pan as directed. i was supposed to pour half the batter, then add a layer of choc chips and sugar, followed by the rest of the batter and more chips and sugar on top. BUT half of the batter didn’t even cover the bottom of the pan so i just poured it all in and added the topping. Oh, and i used chocolate chunks instead of chips just because i had them.

As I walked to the oven, with the pan in both hands, I somehow pushed the bottom of the pan up, out and over the sides, propelling the batter upside down to SPLAT on the floor.
NO!!!! i screamed, all alone in the house. Then after the slightest hesitation i grabbed a flexible plastic cutting board and pushed it under the pile of batter, scooped the whole thing up and dumped it into a regular 9 inch round cake pan. i swirled it around to mix in the former-toppings into the batter, added more toppings and threw it in the oven before i could change my mind.

Now, this may not sound so bad… but you haven’t seen the reality of our kitchen floor. Sure it had been cleaned “recently” but is that really good enough? Would Julia Child be proud, or was it over the line?

Regardless, I am ashamed yet relieved to confess this transgression. I am also very pleased to report that it was totally delicious and very much enjoyed by all!

ALSO in the overshare category, i have to restrain myself daily from writing long and obnoxious posts about how wonderful my boyfriend/soulmate/life partner Richie really is. In so many ways our life together reflects my dreams of what life would be like as a grown-up and it just overwhelms me when i think about it.