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so the other day i did a huge amount of cooking because i had defrosted 5 lbs of ground beef and it had to be used.
i could have been smarter about it but whatever. i’m not perfect, big surprise.
anyway after i made an awesome tortilla taco casserole thing, and a big pile of taco meat on the side, i realized that i didn’t want to eat any of it!
does this ever happen to you? by the time you’re done planning, cooking and cleaning up after, you’re just not hungry anymore? It happens to me a lot and it’s really been killing my Thanksgivings for the last few years.
(although i should probably be thankful because it may be the only thing standing between me and the 300 lb mark. but maybe i do myself a disservice because i don’t think that i really have the binging impulse that many obese people have… on the other hand i am obese and its obviously because of something i’m doing…)

anyway i wanted French Toast. Usually when i want French Toast i have to wait until my next trip to a diner because we never have good bread for french toast in the house.
now that i have my own kitchen and i do all the grocery shopping, i could buy white bread or even texas toast bread all the time. but old habits die hard and i still just pick up something wheat-y with grains on the outside like my mom always insisted.
anyway i got lucky and we had some almost white “oat” bread so my french toast cravng could be sated immediately!
then i made a crucial misstep and decided to make stuffed french toast a la this everyday with rachael ray recipe (from her regular “recipes for kids” feature, i’m not too proud to make recipes designed for children!)

so here’s the thing, the recipe went fine, and it tasted pretty good BUT i just enjoyed the couple of plain slices i made with leftover egg mixture so much more!
i just find the cream cheese and jam “stuffing” to be intrusive to the purity of the golden soft creamy custardy bread which is the essence of french toast.

so the lesson was: sometimes simple or plain is better.