Boy meets girl

Boy and girl move in together and buy a bunch of pets

Boy goes to pet store on Valentine’s day and brings home bunny

4 days later bunny is obviously quite ill

Girl takes bunny back to pet store

Pet store calls to say bunny has parasite in his inner ear and it will take them 30 days to cure him

Do the boy and girl still want this bunny?

the options: 1) wait until bunny gets better and bring him back into our home, 2) pet store would order another bunny from the same breeder but we’d have to wait for them to be born/weaned/whatever, or 3) get a full refund (and potentially use that money to get another pet like a lizard which the Boy was initially looking for on V-day)

any votes?

(p.s. the truth is i’ve spent more time cuddling that stuffed gorilla than the bunny!)