there is a very very brave teacher out there with an awesome blog… Fed Up: School Lunch Project

She is eating school lunch every day (except the milk because she’s lactose intolerant) and she posts pictures of each meal with her thoughts on the subject.

I know there is a lot of talk about school lunch on the foodie blogs these days, but the gritty reality of what is actually being served in chicago public schools is still hard to confront.

Today's menu: peanut butter and jelly graham cracker sandwich, apple juice, fruit cup (peaches), milk


As a substitute teacher I have seen the pathetic looking food that students are served AND the excessive amount of individual packaging that it is served in (for ease of microwaving) and I have been appalled. Look at that lunch above, nothing is fresh! Everything is individually packaged, pre-cooked, pre-prepared, full of HFCS, preservatives and empty calories – is it really so hard to buy wheat bread, natural peanut butter and jelly and make a ton of sandwiches? Plus those weird cracker PB&Js are GROSS! CPS served them when I was in elementary school (as the constant “vegetarian” alternative) and they were disgusting then too!

Another big problem is that recess has been eliminated or severly limited in all CPS schools, and the time for eating lunch has also been decreased; which makes for twitchy little kids with lots of energy, no outlets for it, not enough appetite, who don’t eat as quickly as CPS wants them to. Which means a lot of them don’t eat much at all!

Its very hard to watch what goes on in the cafeteria at public schools, so MAD PROPS to this teacher who is risking her job and career to expose the truth about school lunches.

and if you’re interested, she has a flickr group that others can join to share their pics of school lunches too!