ok long time no blog…

our bathroom is ALMOST done, apparently i’ll be showering here by sunday night (happy easter!)

then we just need to get the hardwood floors finished and get some real furniture and move in all of my stuff and the house will be done! i kind of can’t believe it and it makes me a little nervous to actually think about living in a real house

Richie has taken the small garden i imagined and turned it into a massive project – predictable but still, a little anxiety-inducing considering how much work big gardens can be…

i’ve been sick and having lots of allergy problems and its been a real drag, hopefully that will get better soon since the heat’s off and the windows are open etc… plus we’ll get the ducts cleaned after the house is done and that may help.

i’m waiting to hear about a job i really want and it has benefits so if i get it, a trip to the allergist will be priority 1 (followed by the dentist…)

yeah so basically i’m just waiting and waiting and waiting for all these things to happen… and that doesn’t make for good blog fodder, does it?