i’m subbing today at a typical chicago public high school. the kids have been pretty good, and just a little bad to see what i’ll do (as usual i try to react as a “teacher” should, but a lot of times i don’t even realize that i’m grinning right back at the troublemakers… the big secret is that the troublemakers are very likable and it’s hard for teachers to be strict with them)

i’ve been very apprehensive about subbing lately, but after i got here this morning all the anxiety vanished. i don’t know why, but i do tend to forget that i do know what i’m doing, that i can make students respect me as an authority figure, and that i really enjoy my days as a sub.

still waiting to hear about the other full-time job i really want at a certain chain of stores that sell used books… they just took possession of a new store in the south burbs and it would be so awesome to work there!!! plus it has benefits!

but i definitely shouldn’t forget that i really do like subbing (ok, i still don’t like having to go to bed early just in case you get called in and never knowing what days you’ll be working – but thats really not as bad as i make it seem in my head, its sort of an adrenalin rush actually!)

p.s. best names of the day: Mahogany, Ofelia, Twanica and Viridiana (i’m not mocking, i love the creativity)