pet count: 5 rats, 3 toads, 2 birds, 1 garter snake, 1 guinea pig, 1 desert lizard, 1 tough goldfish

job count: 0

made cookies yesterday, didn’t have an egg, messed with the recipe a lot, ended up with really really soft “tropical fruit oatmeal cookies”, we eat them for breakfast, richie likes them

just roasted a pork tenderloin marinated in a mixture of thai fish sauce, garlic stir-fry sauce, olive oil and paprika, it turned out delicious. paired it with couscous and sweet peas for lunches for the next few days.

our bathroom is so close to being done, just have to hang the door and window frames and put up curtain rods etc, its very exciting to be able to shower and bathe at home!!!

here are some pictures:

easter quiches

bunny cake for easter (its a family tradition, and btw i let piper decorate it)

a duck at lincoln park zoo