So Work of Art is a new reality competition show on Bravo and I thought it would suck but I LOVE IT!

It allows me to float back into my brief time as an art student and reminisce – to see people conceiving and creating and then suffering through critiques and the bullshit that gets spouted on all sides…

recently the contestants were challenged to create book covers and one of the books was Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

Miles is clearly the frontrunner, the darling of the judges, and yet i like him too, he seems fully legit and makes great stuff

And he reminds me of Hippie a little bit because he tends towards the ridiculous and yet it seems to always pay off.

Miles decided that he really had to read the book before he could make a cover, so he burrowed into his little workroom nest and did it. He read the whole book in about 4 hours.

That bit made me laugh out loud because I had read Frankenstein as a high school freshman and didn’t love it, but it offers a lot to analyze for novice literature students.
4 years later I was supposed to read Frankenstein again! During the summer before my first year of college (for the required freshmen humanities course). I was an arrogant teenager so I blew it off. But then we arrived on campus and there was a week of orientation before classes started and everyone around me was reading it and freaking out about getting it done in time, etc… So, just like Miles, I sat down and read the entire book in about 4 hours the night before class. And I was so glad I did!