we have been fortunate enough to have richie’s awesome parents supply some beautiful living room furniture to complete the furnishing of richie’s house

also note the flowers richie got me for the fourth of july, just for fun

it’s so nice to have a boyfriend who brings home flowers just because he loves you, and not because he’s done something wrong…


and then i drunkenly took pictures of it on a random motorcycle parked on the street!

it was a wonderful wedding
the bride and groom were so adorable and sweet
the bridesmaids chose their own dresses (but all teal)
the groomsmen wore pin-striped black suits with identical tiffany-blue ties
the couple rode a fancy rickshaw to the reception (such a cute idea!!!)

the reception was held at the manor house in Mills Park
it used to be an estate, and the mansion is still there
we used to hang out there in high school doing naughty things so that was cool for me
it’s a beautiful old house, very Gatsby-esque
the food was catered by Grape Leaves, the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Oak Park
the bar was open
the DJ was cool, mixing the oldies with classic Billy Jean with hip-hop and more recent indy stuff
we danced on the porch all afternoon
there was lots of clapping and cheering and hugging and it was wonderful
what a simple and easy way to go, i was a little jealous…

But i caught the bouquet!!!